Real Estate Advisory Services

Strategic Planning for Development and Transactions: Abramson provides creative strategic input relative to programming, marketing, financial structuring, and development implementation, based on a sound understanding of the financial and other implications and opportunities presented by alternative courses of action.

Market, Financial Feasibility, Highest & Best Use, and Fiscal Analyses: With extensive experience in analysis of a broad range of real estate property types, Abramson can evaluate market and financial feasibility and implications for value, assess potential fiscal impacts, target market opportunities, and strategize programming and pricing for both existing and developmental/value enhancement properties.

Disposition / RFP Processes: Abramson has extensive experience assisting clients in property dispositions for developmental properties, particularly in situations in which clients seek targeted use and/or ongoing control, necessitating sophisticated transaction structures such as participating land leases, staged sales, and development agreements. Assistance spans marketing (formulation of optimum process and solicitation packaging), proposal evaluation, transaction structuring/negotiation and, as needed, coordination of overall process. These services help our clients to: crystallize objectives, identify and address fatal flaws, and outreach to appropriate markets to enhance targeted response; understand the apples and oranges presented by alternative proposals to realistically assess viability, risk, and effective costs and benefits; provide an objective framework for selection; negotiate on an even footing with sophisticated developers; and creatively structure win-win transactions.

Public-Private Ventures and Financing: Abramson offers project proponents a creative approach to identifying, evaluating, packaging, securing, and structuring public financing and other financial assistance to enable challenging development projects. For the providers of such assistance, our services confirm need, establish reasonable "but for" level of assistance and sharing of risk and reward, facilitate understanding of cost-benefit and other financial implications.

Acquisition Due Diligence and Implementation: Abramson offers assistance in evaluating acquisition opportunities, coordinating other elements of the acquisition due diligence process, and negotiating transactions. Our experience with RFPs provides a valuable resource to developers seeking to acquire property through such processes.

Development Management: Abramson offers a hands-on management service, including team-building and coordination, and evaluation, strategy, exploration, packaging, and coordination for financing, marketing, design/construction, and public approvals.

Revitalization/Economic Development and Nonprofit Development: Whether for areas or individual properties, Abramson provides strategies and implementations integrating an understanding of real estate market potential and value, marketing, financing, transaction structuring, and the development process with a sensitivity to the planning, policy, and organizational considerations that shape decision-making of public and non-profit entities.